Residential Electrical Services in Gauteng

Extra Mile Electrical offer all the services you need from an electrician, from fixing faulty wiring through to generator installations and everything in between. We can also help you save money by making simple, cost effective changes. Contact us and start saving money today!

Residential electrical contractors

Extra Mile Electrical have been providing electrical solutions to homes and residences in Gauteng for over 20 years. Our teams are skilled at diagnosing your electrical problems and fixing them! Because electrical systems are so dangerous, it's very important to use qualified electricians who will ensure the electrical safety of your home.

With the exception of homes built very recently, it is more than likely that your home’s electrical system would benefit from some attention in the form of upgrading and repairs. In addition, with our increased dependence on technology, our demand for power is growing all the time and power management solutions are essential.

5 good reasons to call an electrician:

  • Electrical circuit breakers frequently trip or your fuses blow.
  • Your lights flicker and/or dim unexpectedly when particular appliances are used.
  • You have electrical cords which run under rugs and along skirting boards. This is a significant electrical risk.
  • Switches, power points and any other electrical system surfaces are warm to touch.
  • Switches or outlets give off a tiny (or larger) electric shock

Don't mess around with the safety in your home. The qualified electricians from Exta Mile Electrical can safely provide electrical testing services and a range of other electrical services necessary to guarantee the safety and protection of your family. Contact us today!

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Residential Electrical Services from Extra Mile Electrical

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