6 reasons why you need a backup generator this winter

Published: 23-May-2018

Portable electric generators can be nice convenience, an essential business tool, or a life-saving power backup system.

Now that winter is finally starting to settle in, you need to consider having a backup generator! Don’t stock up on candles and flashlights, rather install a backup generator before the local home improvement store is sold out, or you face a long wait for an electrician. Contact Extra Mile Electrical for advice and assistance with choosing the right generator for your home or business.

Here are just a few reasons why you should consider buying a generator.

Protect yourself from load shedding

Eskom revealed its plans earlier this month on how the power utility will avoid load shedding as the country anticipates a spike in use of electricity over the winter months. However, there are still growing concerns that Eskom will not be able to meet the needs of consumers, with reports that seven power stations are left with less than the required 20 days of reserves.

Continue running your small business

Any business that would be significantly harmed by more than a few hours of no electricity needs to buy an electric generator as an emergency backup. This applies to a business run from home; as well as restaurants, butcheries and other stores that rely on refrigeration. One small power outage can be very costly to a small business.

Keep essential appliances running

The most important appliance for many homeowners will be the refrigerator. Having a backup source of power will keep food in the refrigerator fresh during a lengthy power outage. Individuals with health concerns may also need an available electrical source in the event of a power failure. Oxygen-producing machines or other electrically powered medical equipment can be run short-term with a portable electric generator. Other appliances you need to keep powered are mobile devices, like your cell phone or laptop.

Ensure your security system is working

You don’t want your property or business left without security because of a power outage. Often thieves and criminals see a power outage as the perfect time to strike. There are security systems that will keep you protected during power outages. Contact Extra Mile Electrical for advice.

Help calm your children

Are your children—or maybe you—afraid of the dark? Home generators keep lights on through a power outage, so your family has one less thing to worry about.

Standby generators give you peace of mind

Generators are wired into your electrical system and require no setup and minimal maintenance once a professional electrician has completed your generator installation. You can experience peace of mind during a power outage, feeling confident that your home generator, professionally installed will protect your home or business!

Portable electric generators can be nice convenience, an essential business tool, or a life-saving power backup system. Buyers have several different reasons for purchasing a backup generator and getting the right generator for your needs is important. Contact Extra Mile Electrical for advice.

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