Five tips to lower your electricity bill in winter in Johannesburg

Published: 03-Apr-2018

The freezing nights in Gauteng in winter means we use more electricity than usual. Here are some tips on how to save money on electricity in winter in Gauteng.

Between June and August, South Africa experiences its coldest weather. Although we rarely get snow in Gauteng, the temperatures can drop down to freezing at night. In fact, Gauteng has the steepest temperature gradient in the world going from below zero at night to a mild temperature of 16 °C during the day.

Because of the freezing nights we tend to use more electricity than we usually do. We turn to electrical heaters, under-floor heaters, electric blankets and water bottles to keep ourselves warm! All of these appliances use electricity and lead to soaring electricity bills in the winter. Here are some tips on how to save money on electricity in winter in Gauteng.

Tip 1 - Replace heaters with jerseys and blankets

Heaters are the best way to warm up the rooms in your home, but just like underfloor heating, they use a lot of electricity - not to mention that they can be a fire hazard if faulty. Instead of flipping the switch on your heater stock up on blankets and wear extra layers of clothing.

Tip 2 - Apply the electric heater only in family room

If you ‘have’ to have a heater to fight off the cold, then invest in gas heater. Just make sure you use it properly and don’t leave it on if you aren’t in the room. Alternatively, be wise in how you use your current electric heater. One way to save electricity in the winter is by using just one heater in a house and that is probably the family room. Rather than using an electric heater in your bedroom use and electric blanket to make your bed warmer. Turn it on two hours before your sleep time and then switch it off when you climb into your cozy, warm bed.

Tip 3 - Replace your normal light bulbs with energy efficient ones

Change all your incandescent light bulbs to LED lights. They not only use less energy, they will last much longer than normal light bulbs. LED lights can save up to 90% on your home and business lighting. Contact Extra Mile Electrical to do an onsite assessment and give you recommendations. In addition to cutting the costs by using low wattage light bulbs, keep warm during the day by finding a nice sunny spot right by a window and soaking up some rays.

Tip 4 - Replace old appliances with new ‘energy efficient’ appliances

Appliances can only last for so long, and when it’s time to replace them make sure you check out their labels and energy ratings. You want appliances that will use less energy than the old one to save electricity. Look for appliances that have an ‘energy efficient’ label or rating on them. An ‘A’ rating is the most energy efficient, and a ‘G’ rating is the least efficient. Heaters use a lot of electricity so that is the first appliance to change! Check how much wattage your heater uses, and can consider installing an energy saving electric heater with thermostats.

Tip 5 - Turn off or put a timer on your swimming pool pump

Since algae growth decrease during the colder months, you don’t need to keep the pool filter pump going day in and day out. You can reduce the running time interval by up to two hours and save electricity during winter. Look at installing a timer on the pump and only let it run two hours a day. Spend the time to see how long your pump needs to clean your pool properly and use that as a guideline. You should also invest in a pool cover – it will keep the pool cleaner, which mean fewer backwashes and less use of the pump.

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